June 12, 2008 - 2

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 8:20-8:40pm, 6-12-08

Claire Kellett reports that the governor says 55 counties were affected by flooding. Four of the counties were granted presidential disaster areas. Seven total deaths from weather related accidents... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 8:40-9:00pm, 06-12-08

One of the houseboats near Ellis Road broken loose. Houseboats were colliding with each other. Justin Foss reports how some people still needed to be rescued after request for evacuation. Some streets... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 9:00-9:20pm, 6-12-08

KCRG studio started to work off back up generator. The entire downtown area of Cedar Rapids was without power. City enforces mandatory curfew. The curfew was set to reduce chaos. Officials were asking... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 9:20-9:40pm, 6-12-08

Joe Winters forecast rivers cresting stage. Water conservation is in order for Cedar Rapids. Citizens are asked to cooperate so city would not have to shut off water. Mark Geary reports many power... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 9:40-10:00pm, 6-12-08

Heavy rains in the area continues to cause problems for Northeastern Iowa. Meterologist Joe Winters continues to update viewing area of the weather. Bruce Aune and Beth Malicki report what is needed... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 10:00-10:15pm, 6-12-08

Bruce Jacobs from Cedar Rapids Utilities Department explains that water should only be used for drinking purposes. Jacobs asked people to use water if it was only necessary otherwise. No timeframe for... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 10:15-10:30pm, 6-12-08

Gov. Chet Culver talks with KCRG and encourages Iowans and says the most important issue is the safety of the public. In Western Iowa, a tornado hit a boyscout camp. Storms continued to hit Iowa... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 10:30-10:45pm, 6-12-08

Mandatory evacuation continued to expand because of the rising rivers. A map of the area showed areas where people were asked to move for their safety. Josh Hinkle reports how difficult it was for some... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 10:45-11:00pm, 6-12-08

Justin Foss reports after thirty minutes city had more than one hundred sandbaggers. Before the information went on air the city said they only had ten people to help. Cedar River currents were going... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 11:00-11:15pm, 6-12-08

First time KCRG was allowed to get into the Palo area, because of high water. Palo was completely evacuated. Water in Waterloo had subsided. The city officials begin allowing some residents back into... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 11:15-11:30pm, 6-12-08

Joe Winters forecast that more rain was in the future, but dry weather was possibly on its way. Bruce Aune and Beth Malicki explains the difficulty into entering into certain neighborhoods, especially... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 11:30-11:45pm, 6-12-08

Benton County uses back up for electricity. Justin Foss reports from Mercy Medical Center Hospital to help with sandbagging. The hospital continued to operate, but water was moving closer to the area. Bruce... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 11:45-12:00am, 6-13-08

Mercy Medical Center clears out their patients because of emergency evacuees. The hospital removed critical patients first. President and CEO Tim Charles spoke with KCRG and said the decision was one to... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 12:00-12:20am, 6-13-08

Beth Malicki reports update that no travel was advised in the entire Jones County. So many roads were under water. Steve Doser from the College Community Schools talks about the shelters being put... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 12:20-12:40am, 6-13-08

Bruce Aune says water had went up to 8th Avenue and reports that Mercy Medical Center staff and patients had to evacuate the hospital in Cedar Rapids. Mark Geary, Justin Foss and Travis Bockenstedt... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 12:40-1:00am, 6-13-08

Bruce Aune and Beth Malicki continued with updates about Mercy Medical Center and their emergency evacuation. Many people came to help the Cedar Rapids' hospital sandbag. President and CEO of Mercy... Read More »

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