June 12, 2008

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 4:20-4:40pm, 6-12-08

Bruce Aune and Beth Malicki take a look at flooding on Boyson Road, the Cedar Rapids Country Club, and the Golf Course. Scott Saville takes us through the Viola Gibson School Shelter and interviews a couple... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 5:00-5:20pm, 6-12-08

Joe Winters gives a weather update. John Campbell reports with arial footage in Cedar Rapids. Beth and Bruce go over mandatory evacuations in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. 16 people get trapped in The Alliant... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 5:20-5:40pm, 6-12-08

Joe Winters gives updates on the river stages. ... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 5:40-6:00pm, 6-12-08

TV 9's Claire Kellet reports the Cedar River height in Cedar Rapids at 25.7 feet. She also reports a mandatory curfew for Cedar Rapids. ... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 6:00-6:20pm, 6-12-08

TV 9's Kaj O'Mara updates viewers on weather and tornado warnings. TV 9's Mark Geary reports live from downtown Cedar Rapids on 1st Ave. The fourth street train tracks are now completely under water. City... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 6:20-6:40pm, 6-12-08

Joe Winters gives us a weather update. ... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 6:40-7:00pm, 6-12-08

John Campbell shows aerial footage of Indian Creek. The railroad bridge had been wiped out. The African American Musuem was engulfed in water. Mark Geary spoke to City Council Member Monica Vernon... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 7:00-7:20pm, 6-12-08

Cedar Rapids gives update about the worst in city being over.... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 7:20-7:40pm, 6-12-08

Bruce Aune and Beth Malicki report anyone one block to the river's edge needs to evacuate. Water was rising two inches per hour. KCRG studio was in the mandatory evacuation, but employees remained to... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 7:40-8:00pm, 6-12-08

Joe Winters and Kaj O'Mara delivers around the clock flood coverage and warns Iowans to stay out of areas where water continues to rise due to wet conditions. Mark Geary stands near 1st Avenue and explains... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 8:00-8:20pm, 6-12-08

Viola Gibson and Prairie High School were shelters for evacuees to go to during floods. City enforces mandatory curfew from 9p.m. to 5a.m. National Guards did not letting people through the downtown... Read More »

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