June 12, 2008

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 8:25-8:43am, 6-12-08

Alliant Energy update, 30,000 Alliant customers were without power at this point. The downtown network is without power "indefinitely". Weather update.... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 8:56-9:12am, 6-12-08

Weather update. Cedar Rapids evacuation information. Jennifer Pickar with the Red Cross tells TV9 that the Roosevelt shelter is closing because of the power outage, all people there are being bussed to... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 9:28-9:48am, 6-12-08

DOT prepares to close section of I-80 at the Cedar River (mile 266). Steve Nicoles gives an update on Johnson County road closures and available routes. ... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 10:10-10:30am, 6-12-08

Katie Wiedemann reports from Dubuque on the flood warning there, discusses the Dubuque flood wall that was credited with saving much of downtown Dubuque. There is a cable outage in Dubuque. DOT prepares... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 10:40-10:49am, 6-12-08

Coralville spillway forecast. Coralville evacuations are moved up. Downtown flooding video. Linn County Jail inmates transferred to safe and dry locations. Dave Franzman reports from 8th Ave SE in Cedar... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 10:49-11:08am, 6-12-08

Power is disconnected in many areas. Video from Penford area in Cedar Rapids. Rain continues in Cedar Rapids. The Linn County Jail is evacuated. Inmates were evacuated to three other locations. I-80 closed... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 11:08-11:27am, 6-12-08

Cedar Rapids city officials ask people not to travel. ... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 11:27-11:46am, 6-12-08

Bruce Aune joins Ashley Hinson on the desk. Flood video from boats on 1st Ave NW in Cedar Rapids. Steve Nicoles reports from the SE corner of the Marriott Hotel and Conference Center in Johnson County.... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 11:46-12:07pm, 6-12-08

Chris Earl reports on the traffic and police barricades in downtown Cedar Rapids. Justin Foss reports from near the Hacienda Restaurant in Cedar Rapids as people are rescued by the fire department. Possibly... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 12:27-12:49pm, 6-12-08

TV 9's Justin Foss and Mark Geary take boat tours of the SE Cedar Rapids area with members of the fire department and the DNR. The water has risen 2 feet within the last hour. The United Methodist Church... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 12:48-1:09pm, 6-12-08

TV 9's Steve Nicoles goes into a press conference in Iowa City. Beth Malicki releases an updated list of Shelters opening for flood victums. The list includes shelters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Marshalltown,... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 1:09-1:19pm, 6-12-08

Bruce Aune releases more mandatory evacuations. Thatcher Mobile Home Park on Riverside Drive, and the Taft Speedway in Iowa City are under mandatory evacuations. John Campbell joins Beth and Bruce to look... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 1:35-1:50pm, 6-12-08

TV 9's Steve Nicoles looks at arial footage in Iowa City. 30 West from I-380 to Highway 13 is backed up. Iowa DOT is allowing traffic on I-380 in the right lanes only. I-380 North is backed up. Marion... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 1:50-2:00pm, 6-12-08

Bruce Aune and Beth Malicki discuss record water levels in Cedar Rapids. Shelter at Zion Lutheran Church is now closed, the Red Cross has moved the shelter to the Viola Gibson School. Bruce and Beth speak... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 2:20-2:40pm, 6-12-08

Bruce Aune and Beth Malicki look at some Cedar Rapids homes under water. Beth Malicki updates you on the mandatory and volentary evacuations. TV 9's Justin Foss goes on a boat tour with member from the... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 3:00-3:20pm, 6-12-08

TV 9's Steve Nicoles gives updates on Iowa City. Beth and Bruce give updates on traveling conditions. I-380 North is backed up, right lanes only are open to residents. Highway 30 West is also backed up... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 3:20-3:40pm, 6-12-08

Bruce Aune and Beth Malicki speak with Karen Vandersanden, a representative from Mercy Medical Center. Flood of 2008 News Conference. Bruce and Beth speak with Mayor Kay Halloran. Joe Winters issues severe... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 3:40-4:00pm, 6-12-08

TV 9's Steve Nicoles reports on more mandatory evacuations in Iowa City in affect at 4:00 PM. 170-200 homes have been evacuated in Iowa City. Joe Winters updates you on the stages of the Iowa, Cedar, and... Read More »

KCRG-TV9 Coverage 4:00-4:20pm, 6-12-08

TV 9's Justin Foss continues to interview CR District 2 Fire Chief, Dave Brown. The water drops in Waverly, but the Cedar River in Charles City is rising. Many county roads are closed. The Waverly Health... Read More »

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