Officials to Rename Park, Trail for Cousins Abducted from Evansdale

By Addison Speck, Reporter

A poster with photos of Lyric Cook-Morrissey, 10, and Elizabeth Collins, 8, who disappeared in Evansdale last Friday, adorn a utility pole across from the entrance to Meyers Lake in Evansdale, Iowa, Monday, July 16, 2012. Their bikes were found Friday afternoon near a bike trail at the edge of Meyers Lake in Evansdale. (AP Photo/Waterloo Courier, Brandon Pollock)


By Aaron Hepker

EVANSDALE, Iowa - The City of Evansdale is honoring the memory of Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins by renaming areas of Meyers Lake. The two girls were abducted last July and their bodies were found in December. To date, no one has been arrested for their deaths. Now, the trail that runs around the lake is now known as the "Trail of Angels". The park that sits next to the lake will be known as "Angels' Park".

“There is a lot of memorials around the lake and throughout the bike trail in Evansdale. We thought if you’re riding your bike or walking, it’s a nice way to memorialize people that you don’t want to forget,” said Jeff Dawson, Chairman of the Evansdale Parks Department. Dawson said the names just seemed appropriate.

The project was thought up and put together through volunteers and fundraising. “It’s nice to see the community pull together the way they have,” said Dawson. The group hopes to continue raising money to add a few more memorials and additions to the park like a roadway from the land to the island, a gazebo, and possibly a bronze statue.

Dona Frickson, with the Evansdale Chamber of Commerce, said they were ecstatic about the name changes. “As a community we have all joined together. We want to keep this going so that we can make something positive out of this,” she said, “We want to show that the lake is not just known as a bad place where bad things happen. We want to do something good so that the community has a place to go and think of something happy rather than something sad.”

Frickson said while the name change were because of the girls, it’s not just for the girls. “We have had the two girls, Elizabeth and Lyric, and then we also lost Lindsay Nichols this past year,” she said, “This is going to be for anyone who lost someone and would like to memorialize one of their angels.”

TV9 talked to Heather Collins on Tuesday about the name changes. She said the family is excited about the renaming and that they really like the names that were selected for the trail and park. Collins said it shows how much support the community gives them and others who have lost a loved one.

The city has also declared July 13th as Lyric and Elizabeth day. You can make a donation at First Security State Bank, in Evansdale or Cedar Falls, or at any Veridian Credit Union to the “Angels Memorial Fund”.


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Friday, July 13, 2012
  • 2:48PM Cousins Lyric Cook & Elizabeth Collins are reported missing      
  • 2:50PM Law enforcement begin searching the girls
  • 4PM Firefighters find the girls’ bike at Meyers Lake
  • 4:30PM Search of Meyers Lake begins
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