Tuesday 6AM Update; Community Waits for Lake to Drain

By Jill Kasparie, Reporter

Meyers Lake continues the draining process on July 17, 2012. (Jill Kasparie/SourceMedia Group)


By Ellen Kurt

EVANSDALE, Iowa – Inch by inch Meyers Lake is going down.

It normally takes up to three days, but because of the dry conditions, authorities expect it could be done much quicker. At 7:00 a.m. Tuesday a group of investigators starting filling into the area to get a look at what was underneath the lake water. Some picked through items laying on the ground.

Authorities decided to start draining the lake on Monday. After days of searching and investigating, officers hope this draining process provides some answers. Elizabeth Collins, 8, and her cousin Lyric Cook, 10, went missing on Friday. They were last seen riding their bikes near downtown Evansdale. Their bikes were found near Meyers Lake.

Late Monday night, family members of the missing girls were brought out to the lake. Canines sniffed them in hopes of leading investigators to some clues.

“So, we did a walk by them, so they could eliminate us, while they were going to try to pick up the scent from the girls, of both Lyric and Elizabeth. They were given articles of clothing of both children, one for each dog,” said Lyric’s Mother Misty Morrissey.

She said the process provided parents with some hope.

“They (the dogs) both picked up scents, followed it for quite a ways and from our understanding authorities were very pleased with the outcome. They needed to go back and debrief and discuss what the movement of the dogs meant,” Morrissey said.

The family said they’re thankful for such dedication from the community.

“We’re just so grateful, so thankful, so pleased that so many people have a heart of compassion, that they want to get involved and they really want to help,” Morrissey said.

Authorities say the search is continuing and will continue until they find the girls. Evansdale police are still asking anyone who may have seen Elizabeth and Lyric on Friday to call them.


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Tip Line

Authorities are asking anyone who has any information on the case to call the tip line, at 319-232-6682 or send an e-mail to ourmissingiowagirls@dps.state.ia.us.

A reward of $150,000 has been established for information that leads to an arrest and conviction.


Friday, July 13, 2012
  • 2:48PM Cousins Lyric Cook & Elizabeth Collins are reported missing      
  • 2:50PM Law enforcement begin searching the girls
  • 4PM Firefighters find the girls’ bike at Meyers Lake
  • 4:30PM Search of Meyers Lake begins
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