Dubuque Family Frustrated by Lack of Progress on Cannabis Oil Law

By Katie Wiedemann, KCRG-TV9

DUBUQUE, Iowa - Parents of children with epilepsy argue Iowa’s new cannabis oil law still doesn’t help them. The state held a public hearing Tuesday on how to execute the law that lawmakers passed last spring.

The law allows Iowans who suffer severe epileptic seizures to use cannabis oil legally. But they have to buy it in other states, not Iowa. Those people also have to register to have the cannabis oil, but the state hasn’t laid out guidelines on how to issue I.D. cards to them.

Among the love and laughter of her family, frustration is setting in for Verona Bedtka.

Bedtka said, “its hard knowing there’s an oil out there that can make her life better. Put yourself in her shoes. Would you like to have seizures every single day of your life? “

Those daily seizures are causing damage in Aby Bedtka’s brain. That keeps the almost 14- month-old from growing and developing like her older sister.

“I want her just to be more interactive, to smile, to coo at me. To hold her head up. She has no head control,” said Bedtka.

Bedtka believes giving Aby cannabis oil will stop the seizures and improve Aby’s quality of life.

But there’s currently no place in Iowa where she can legally purchase it. And she’s still waiting to learn where she can get an I.D. card.

“Basically I would have to commit a felony if I was going to go get it from another state and bring it here,” said Bedtka.

The family celebrated Aby’s first birthday last month. Bedtka says it was hardly a happy moment.

“She basically laid there like an infant,” said Bedtka. “There was no cake smashing. It was devastating. “

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