John's Big Ol' Fish for July 31, 2017

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Hayden Langel gets the ball rolling with the first fish she ever caught on her own. The old coach would be proud.

The young guy is Nash Barkdoll and he had a blast on his first fishing trip with his dad and papa Barkdoll. Nice bass.

Another young angler with a big time bass. Bentley Slaton caught it in a secret pond.

Batting fourth is Elsie Bayer and check out the crappie she landed at Uncle Matt's pond in Victor

Elsie's dad Lucas also wetting a line that day and he hauled in the largemouth bass.

David Bryson holds on to the monster channel cat that he nailed while fishing the Iowa River near Amana.

Grandpa Tom taught Cadence how to jig and it paid off. Check out her catch of the day.

Young Sully Murphy made his grandpa Butch Gaddis mighty proud when he landed this 5 and a half pound hog at the rez.

A "friend" of Ray Thys wanted to make sure he was honored for his big twins from Minnesota..

And Wes Haskell looks like he is ready to put a head lock on the 27 pound flathead he caught in the Cedar near Mount Vernon.