August 20th edition of John's Big Ol' Fish

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Dave Sidwell was feeling very well when he landed this 20 pound king salmon off Alaska's The Kenai Peninsula.

From Alaska to the farm pond. That is where Ava Mclees caught her first fish ever. nice blue gill.

And check out the 7 pound catfish that Ryah Stacy nailed at Lake Macbride. Way to go buddy ro.

michael Fry was a proud papa when young Bennett fry pulled in his first fish at Gateway Park in Marengo.

Kashten Miller of Cascade hit the jackpot at at the Cascade Sportsmen's Pond. What a hog!!

Batting sixth is Kirby Kerr of Cedar Rapids and his lunker largemouth from a local pond.

Young James Heiderscheit is a big fan of Big Ol' Fish, and I am thinking he will like this entry. There you are, James.

Joe Hubbard was fishing the Wapsi near Anamosa and he obviously found the honey hole.

Last winter we featured Mark Stewart catching small bluegills through the ice at Macbride. Well Mark is moving on up as evidenced by this
43 inch Macbride muskie.

and wrapping things up with 20 pound big ugly is David Browning, Sr. David caught it at the 5 in 1 bridge in Cedar Rapids.