Washington County Rangers request rifles and shotguns

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WASHINGTON COUNTY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - Washington County park rangers are asking for a new tool to add to their arsenal.

Right now park rangers in Washington carry smaller guns like pistols, but they are hoping for a little more peace of mind.

"County conservation rangers run into the same thing as all the rest of the police officers in the state of Iowa do they are there to serve and protect the public," Washington County Conservation director Steve Anderson said.

The rangers are asking the Washington County Conservation Board to purchase a rifle and a shotgun.

They say it's about keeping the public safe and themselves.

"A lot of times the areas that we go to are more remote we're the first ones there and if there's a situation that needs to be dealt with the long gun would come in handy," Ranger Jayse Horning said.

They say they are getting called to help local law enforcement more and more, but they don't mind it.

"It's excellent, excellent to have a great working relationship with the rest of law enforcement," Anderson said.

The board is working with the Washington County Sheriff's department to figure out how to purchase the guns and proper storage. They will present a proposal to the conservation board in September.