DOT urges safety driving through work zones

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DES MOINES, Iowa (WOI) - There was another close call for a DOT construction worker on Interstate 380.

The Iowa Department of Transportation posted a picture on its Facebook page, saying crashes like these are so frustrating, because they're preventable.

No one was injured in the crash. The DOT's warning you to pay close attention when you're in work zones, and to move over when you see the amber lights.

"We ask that they slow down, reduce their following distance to all the vehicles around you, and pay attention to the signs, because they'll usually tell you what we want you to do," said Battles.

The instructions for construction zones seem like they're easy enough to follow.

But the job for troopers like Rob Battles can become difficult as they try to reduce the speed of drivers as they roll through.

"Every one's a little bit different," said Battles. "There's also construction zones where we're shooting traffic one way or another. Often, there's no shoulder to work with.

"Every day you're working, the vehicles are often close to you. It's kind of an every day occurrence. There's a lot of accidents that happen every day nationwide."

But the dangers happen more often than you'd imagine.

"We just had one of those a couple weeks ago, through a construction zone at 90 miles per hour in a 55 zone and that person was intoxicated," said Battles.

And while keeping themselves and other drivers safe is their primary goal, troopers understand it's part of the job.

Trooper battles says his best piece of advice to drivers is to avoid distractions, especially when entering construction zones. He says lots of people he's pulled over told him they didn't even notice the signs.

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