Smoky skies cover Iowa

Smoke analysis as of Monday afternoon from NOAA.
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Have you seen some brilliant red sunrises or sunsets the past few days? Maybe you noticed a little yellowish tinge to the sky on Monday. That’s happening because of the wildfires out in the western United States and Canada.

The smoke is being carried high up in the atmosphere, where it’s being picked up by the jet stream, a river of fast-moving air several miles above the ground. The jet stream is aligned in a way so that it’s carrying that wildfire smoke over the Midwest, including Iowa. Last Friday, it was even being carried down to the ground and was producing unhealthy air quality around the Dubuque area. That hasn’t been as much of an issue since then, although those who are more susceptible to air pollution may be noticing it.

The wildfire smoke should lessen on Tuesday as the jet stream carves south.