How common are 90s in June?

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- We’re finally in the midst of a break from the heat and humidity that hung around for several days. It was an unusually early start to that kind of prolonged heat. June quite often has highs reach the 90s, but they’re typically spaced apart.

In Cedar Rapids, June typically sees three or four days with a high of at least 90. We’ve had seven so far this month. The last time with more was in 1995 with nine 90-degree days.

In Dubuque, there has been two days this month in the 90s. The average is one or two days. The last June with multiple 90s was 2012, with five days.

Iowa City has racked up nine 90s this month, and the average is five or six. Just last year, there were nine 90s, a total matched in 2012. The last time with more than that was 2005 when the high hit 90 degrees 13 times. A side note: Iowa City’s seven straight 90s is the longest June streak since 2005 (seven days), and the two highs of 95 is the most in June since 2012.

Waterloo has had eight 90-degree days so far this month. 1996 was the most recent year with more June 90s. A side note: Waterloo has had five straight 90s this month, the first time with a streak that long in June since 2002, and the earliest such streak since 1968.