VIDEO: Otter in Iowa snacks on frog

WAPELLO, Iowa (KWQC) - An otter was caught on camera in southeast Iowa feasting on a pond frog.

Adam Boysen is a hunter living in Wapello and he sets up trail cameras to catch pictures of videos of unknowing creatures like this North American river otter. Boysen runs a Facebook page called Midwest Trail Camera Pics.

"It has grown to over 14,000 likes in about a year," Boysen said. "So, I think other people like looking at the pictures, also."

According to the DNR, the river otter was mostly wiped out in Iowa in the early 1900's. The DNR started a reintroduction program in 1985 at Red Rock Reservoir. By 2006, otters had spread statewide.

Otters are carnivores and the DNR says North American river otters primarily eat fish and some invertebrates, like crayfish and mussels.

Boysen said most of the time you see them in or next to a river but this one was in a farm pond. Apparently, looking for frogs.