UPDATE: Two ties, one upset in school board races

A final count of absentee ballots broke a tie in the Sigourney School District.

On Tuesday, Cody Branstad and Mike Bensmiller were tied for an at-large position on the school board. The final count has Branstad beating Bensmiller by two votes.
Tuesday's school board elections ended with ties in two different districts and an unseating of a board member who served for 20 years in another.

North Tama had two candidates, Robert Marc Cue and Mona Larson, who each got 69 votes. The North Tama superintendent says after a canvass of the voting, if there's still a tie, the Tama County Supervisors will draw the winner's name out of a hat on Friday.

In the Sigourney School District, there was a tie in the at-large school board election. Voters were choosing three candidates from a list of 10. Two men won the top two spots, but Mike Bensmiller and Cody Branstad tied for the third board position. The Sigourney superintendent says they're waiting for a canvass of the vote to determine what to do next.

And in Cedar Rapids, a substitute teacher unseated a 20 year member of the school board. Jennifer Borcherding received 60 percent of the vote to beat Keith Westercamp. He is a local realtor and served on the school board since 1997. This will be Borcherding's first term.