Town praises two teenage boys for returning purse

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INDEPENDENCE, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - A purse is now back in the hands of its owner thanks to two Independence teenagers that found it.

The woman who owns the purse, Ellen Gaffney, says she's thankful. The purse has a lot of sentimental value.

"There wasn't much money in my purse but that wasn't the thing, the purse itself had a lot of sentimental value because my sister had given it to me and she lives in Texas and I just really appreciate it so much," Gaffney said.

The other day she set the purse on top of her car and lost it when she drove away. Ezekiel Miller and Cody Koranda found it laying in an intersection, picked it up, and took it to the Independence Police Department.

The department made a Facebook post about it saying "It's great to see young people in this community do the right thing."

Gaffney was so appreciative, she wanted to meet them in person to thank them.

"She called me when I was at baseball practice and just thanked me a whole bunch and she really wanted to meet up with us the next day and just talk to us and get to know us," Koranda said.

The two also want to go into law enforcement themselves, and Gaffney says she thinks they will make great police officers some day.

"I think that's really commendable too you know it says something about how honest they are," Gaffney said.