Some Cedar Rapids residents return home after evacuation

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- The Cedar River crested just below 22 feet Tuesday morning, and it's not expected to drop below 20 feet until Thursday.

Many homeowners are delighted with these levels, and say extra preparation is key.

Cathy Burns never expected to return to her historic home this soon.

"We came first to check the water situation to see what the basement was like," Burns said.

But a pleasant surprise when no water was found in her home. And her family could take back a first round of furniture.

"Just to be safe we cleared out a bunch of things we couldn't bare losing from the living room, dining room and sewing room," Brother-in-law Jim Dvorsky said.

Her family was preparing for a flood like 2008's. That flood destroyed this home, and forced a complete renovation.

"At one point you could stand at this side of the house and look through and see the other side of the house," Dvorsky said.

So after a new stair case, porch and siding, Burns certainly didn't want to risk losing her home again.

"My bay windows, the front porch, the swing that's really nice," she said.

Especially since this 1913 Sears Catalog Home was ordered by her parents. And it's the house Burns lived in, a majority of her life.

"Oh my gosh I grew up in this house. I left for several years to go get married and so forth, but then I came back in 1991 to take care of my mother, " Burns said.