Severe weather possible late Friday and Saturday

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- A few areas of sunshine will occur this afternoon. As the environment becomes more unstable storms will develop throughout the early evening and into the overnight hours. A few of these storms do have the potential to become strong. Hail and winds will be the main threats with any of the storms.

Timing of the storms look to begin north of Hwy 20 roughly around 6 to 7 this evening. The Cedar Rapids area as of now looks to start nearing 9 to 10 PM. Most of the activity should be out of eastern Iowa early morning hours Saturday.

Storms will come to an end and throughout the early hours Saturday we’ll again see some sun, we'll call it mostly cloudy. Storms will again be likely during the late afternoon and evening hours. Once more there is a chance for strong to severe storms. Wind, hail, and isolated tornadoes cannot be ruled out.

The majority of the TV9 viewing area is under a risk for severe weather. Areas in yellow are a level one risk for severe storms. This indicated there is a small chance of seeing severe weather. Areas in orange indicate a greater chance for severe storms.