September offers something for everyone

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- September is considered a transition month. While Summer heat can occur, it’s usually on the decline, or just shows up in very short bursts. The first intrusions of truly chilly air usually drop in as well.

When the month is broken down by daytime highs for the month (using the past 63 years of data), the result is nearly a perfect bell curve. 70s are the sweet spot for highs, accounting for a little over 40% of all September days. Take note that highs in the 50s or 90s can certainly occur, they just aren’t very common. 80s and 60s fill out the rest of the curve.

One of the more interesting stats about September is the statistical chance of hitting 80 degrees or more - it is cut in half compared to August.

Fall is right around the corner!