School board president runs 32 miles straight for students who raised their GPA

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LISBON, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- The Lisbon School Board President ran for more than six hours straight on a treadmill Thursday.

Each half mile represented a high school student who raised their GPA last term. Positive reinforcement - that's why Allan Mallie ran 32 miles for the 64 Lisbon High School students who raised their GPA. Now he held up his end of the deal.

"I felt this would be a good way to get the students excited about academics" said Mallie, president of the Lisbon School Board.

The treadmill overheated three times throughout the morning. He said if it broke down, he would've moved to the gym and kept running. Mallie's daughter is a sophomore at Lisbon. She said she's proud of him.

"Everyone's so fascinated by it, even little kids are coming and watching," said Tatiana Mallie, a sophomore at Lisbon High School, "The kids in school are saying your dad's insane. I'm like my dad's a beast."

This is not the first time Mallie has run ultra-long distances. In 2012, he ran 85 miles for 24 hours straight for a fundraiser. He raised $10,000 and used the money to help pay for a new playground for the school. For this event, Mallie started running at 7:30 Thursday morning and reached the marathon mark just before 1:00 p.m. Staff and students walked by throughout the day, cheering him on.

"I thought holy cow, how is this actually happening? I wasn't sure if she was joking or if she was serious so I just had to come see it" said sophomore Althea Anderson.

Mallie said he's not an athlete, but rather a goal-setter. He said if 100 students improved their GPA he would've gladly run 50 miles.

"Absolutely. A promise is a promise. I set a goal. I will do what they achieve," said Mallie, "I'm showing them that when it gets tough mentally, you have to dig deep, get to that 100 percent level and then work a little harder because someone else for sure is too."

He said if he inspires even one student to want to do better in school and in life, it's worth every mile.