Raygun shirt leads to knock-offs

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DES MOINES, Iowa ( KCCI-TV) -- One popular shirt from the company Raygun is leading to a lot of knock offs that are up for sale online.

The shirt features the faces of women leaders: Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, First Lady Michelle Obama, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Other companies have grabbed a hold of the design, recreating the shirt and selling it at a higher price.

So Raygun sent a cease and desist orders, saying the shirt on the right is theirs.

"It featured a piece of art on a shirt that was not ours, by a company that was not us. They had removed a couple of the Raygun logos from the design," said Taylor Frame of Raygun.

Raygun is based in Des Moines but also has locations in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City.