October’s rain is beating the previous two months combined

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9 Several rounds of rain came across eastern Iowa between October 3 and 10. As much rain fell in those eight days as what fell in August and September put together!

In Cedar Rapids, the official rainfall total during that period was 2.58 inches. The combined rainfall in August and September was 2.57 inches.

Iowa City received 1.73 inches, compared to 1.61 inches the previous two months.

Waterloo recorded 3.21 inches in those eight days. That’s more than an inch above the 2.09 inches that fell in all of August and September!
Dubuque has had the most rain at 3.93 inches. However, that’s just a little shy of the 4.25 inches that fell in August and September. 1.62 inches of that fell on August 27 from a localized storm there, which explains why Dubuque’s two-month rain is higher than elsewhere.