North English to test sewer systems

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NORTH ENGLISH, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - North English will be smoke testing the sanitary sewers on Tuesday to evaluate the sanitary sewer system conditions.

The smoke shouldn't enter the premises unless a leak is present in the sewer plumbing, or unless there is no water plumbing drain P-traps. It is important the P-traps in floor drains and seldom used sinks and other fixtures be filled with water to prevent smoke from entering the premises.

If you detect smoke, it will be odorless, non-toxic and non-staining and will dissipate quickly. It is not harmful to pets or plants and leaves no residue.

To ventilate the area, they request you open a window and report the smoke in your premises to the personnel conducting the test. Area Fire Personnel will be working with field crews and will be able to differentiate between smoke from the testing smoke which could result from a fire unrelated to the testing.

Contact Dave Knipfer (319) - 653-1793, Jason Lee (641) - 295-3005 or Mark Garden & Associates (800) - 491-2524 if you have any questions or concerns.