Multicultural Family Center and Loras College students team up to create mural

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DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Loras College honors students teamed up with teens enrolled in the Future Talk program at the Multicultural Family Center to create a mural in Jefferson Park.

A portion of the mural in Jefferson Park on Wednesday, October 12, 2017.

The idea started when the Loras students began attending teen night at MFC last year.

They were looking for a service project to complete in the community, and it was suggested that a new mural be painted in the park.

The students then raised the funds and found an artist to lead the design.

The teens at MFC helped paint and come up with the design for the mural.

It shows green grass, a river, and people doing various activities like gardening and kayaking.

Loras senior Caitlin Hansen says it was neat to see how it came together.

She said, "there’s the trees and the river and I know one of the girls that we were working with is very involved in creating and art and I can kind of see a figure of a girl who looks like she’s painting which I think is really cool."

The groups hope the mural reminds people of the rich cultural and ethnic diversity in Dubuque.

The honors group also hopes it creates peace in the community.