Mopeds and trees make unique combination in Iowa City

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IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- A tree and a moped may seem like an interesting bundle, but that's what a store in Iowa City gave away on Saturday afternoon.

Moped-U gave away these 3 foot Bur Oak saplings. They need to be planted by Monday so they can grow properly and root by the spring.

Workers say they want to be active in enhancing the community they live in.

"You see now so much construction going on, you see a lot of stuff being torn down, so to hopefully be able to put a tree out in someone's you know yard or in their farm or somewhere at home and eventually turn into a big tree is fun," said Tommy Le with MopedU.

Frazier Nursey in Vinton donated them to the shop. They were giving away fifty trees to represent the fifty Mopeds they sold last month.