Honor loved ones on 'Memory Lane' at Reflections in the Park

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DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Reflections in the Park is a well-known attraction that's been a staple in the Dubuque community since 1995.

However, Hillcrest Family Services added a new program to the show just four years ago called Memory Lane.

It's a program that allows people to honor loved ones who have passed away.

For just $150, a loved one can be remembered with a dedicated light in the attraction, as well as their name being displayed on a banner and in the event program.

Doris Hannan has enjoyed Reflections in the Park for many years and became a sponsor of Memory Lane as soon as it was created.

"When I went through the park it gave me an opportunity to remember my family, remember my parents, because it’s in honor of my parents, and just basically to have a way of connecting Christmas with them," she said.

She lost her parents 15 years ago.

She sees Memory Lane as a new tradition she's able to include her parents in.

She said, "this was new for me because we didn’t have Memory Lane when my parents were living, so it’s a way of bringing something new into kind of remembering the old types of traditions."

Event Coordinator Darlene Bolsinger says the display is beautiful.

"They have it set up that it physically does look like a lane with street lamps and the lamps are in shape of stars," she said.

She says they usually have about 20 families sponsor, but would love more to get involved.

All of the money raised through Reflections in the Park goes to Hillcrest's self-funded programming.

The deadline to get a sponsorship with Memory Lane is October 25.

For more information, email Darlene.