Made in Eastern Iowa: Ellie and her goats, one of the busiest's teenagers in Iowa

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NEWHALL, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - For any parent with a teenager or pre-teen saying 'there's nothing to do' this summer, introduce them to Ellie Karr.

Ellie Karr, of Newhall, works with 19 goats to produce lotions, moisturizers and other products after milking them each day. Her company, Ellie's Goat Milk Blessings, is the result of her work.

"She's your very typical 13-year-old, middle-school girl," said Chris Karr, Ellie's mother. "We've always had the goats but this was her inspiration."

Typical if you're talking about a girl who takes care of 19 goats and uses the milk to create all sorts of products.

"It does make me really happy because it does make me feel like all of my hard work has paid off, too, with the goats," said Ellie.

Her work, on the family's farm in Newhall, is highlighted on Ellie's Facebook page for "Ellie's Goat Milk Blessings", an eclectic fusion of lotions, soaps, moisturizers and other items that she creates and manages.

"We only milk the goats every afternoon," Ellie explained. "For the soap, we just strain it and we will put it in ice cube trays and freeze it because, to make the soap, milk has to be frozen. For lotion, we do have to pasteurize the milk and clean it."

Once the products are in place, Ellie works through the accounting, packaging and overall business operations. She also goes a step beyond, donating ten percent of the proceeds to various causes and charities that she believes in.

"It does feel really good because I know a lot of other people give a percentage out and so I just like to help my community," said Ellie.

Ellie said she enjoys the company of the goats because they're "very happy, spunky animals."

"Really tame. I like how curious they are."