Kirkwood: Economic impact nearly $1 billion each year

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CEDAR RAPIDS, iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids says its statewide economic impact each year is nearly $1 billion.

The number is from a study from the Economic Modeling Specialists International.

The group found $973 million go into the state's economy annually, as a result of Kirkwood employees, students and alumni.

Kirkwood administrators and Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds made that announcement Thursday evening, as part of the community college's 50-year celebration.

"We've had 50 years of success. We attract a lot of students. From every county in Iowa ... from 34 states ... 97 nations. That really helps with the economic impact," Kirkwood Community College President Mick Starcevich said.

Kirkwood credits part of the success to its regional centers in several eastern Iowa counties.