Future architects design classrooms of the future

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - They'll soon be the ones building our future, literally.

OPN Architects held its first Future Architects Day on Friday. The organizers said they had so many kids asking to shadow employees, they decided to hold the workshop.

Architect Paul Desmond says he was surprised by a lot of the new perspectives and ideas that the middle and high school students had.

"We thought it was really important as students in middle school and high school that they could design what they actually wanted in terms of the future classroom and learning," Desmond said.

"I like designing stuff. I designed my bedroom," attendee Jameela Aossey said.

Some groups even recommended key cards to get into classrooms to prevent active shooter situations.

"There's kind of this double edged sword to that because it's really tragic that they've had to face these tragedies, they've seen them on TV but its really amazing that they are thinking of solutions that aren't stopping them from making a great learning environment," Desmond said.

At the end of the workshop they took turns presenting their ideas to a panel of judges, simulating what a real world pitch presentation would be like.

OPN says it is already planning on doing more of the workshops in the future.