French leader urges calm in North Korea crisis

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French President Emmanuel Macron has called on all sides in the North Korean nuclear crisis to act responsibly "to prevent any escalation of tensions" after a days-long war of words between Washington and Pyongyang.

In a statement Saturday, Macron said the situation "undermines the preservation of international peace" and the North Korean regime "poses a serious threat to the security of its neighbors."

Calling it "the responsibility of all," Macron called on the international community to "act in a concerted, firm and effective manner, as it has just done in the (U.N.) Security Council, to bring North Korea back to the path of dialogue."

France is a member of the Security Council, which approved fresh sanctions on North Korea this month for its recent intercontinental ballistic missile testing.

President Donald Trump is seeking continued help from China's president in addressing the threat posed by North Korea's nuclear developments.

The White House says that Trump - in a phone call Friday to President Xi Jinping (shee jihn-peeng) - saluted Xi for China's U.N. vote to impose tougher sanctions on North Korea.

The two leaders also reiterated a commitment to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

As the crisis has unfolded, Trump has alternated praising China for its help and chiding it for not doing more.

The White House says Trump also told Xi he looked forward to seeing him in China later this year.