Cedar Rapids Mayoral Forum to be held at library on October 12

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- On October 12 the candidates for Cedar Rapids mayor will talk about their plans for area businesses.

The Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance and the Hawkeye Labor Council is hosting a forum for all of these eight candidates.

Current and former council members are included in the mix, as well as a former police chief and business lawyer among others. Each has their own priorities for Cedar Rapids with perspective ranging from community activism to a background in serving the city.

Tonight's forum will only be available to members of the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance and Hawkeye Labor Council. They are focused on continuing growth in Cedar Rapids and maintaining that momentum.

Both groups say it's very important to partner up in moderating the debate because public policy effects business, business owners and employees with those businesses.

"We're really focused in this forum on economic growth, how to move the community forward, so I think by focusing on those key issues ones that I think voters are very concerned about," said Doug Neumann, the Executive Director of the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance, who will also be serving as a moderator for tonight's forum.

"I think in light of what recently has happened with Chapter 20 in the last session of the Iowa legislature, I think it's important to know where these candidates stand on public sector employment," said Rick Moyle, the Executive Director of the Hawkeye Labor Council, who will serve as the other moderator.

Both groups sponsoring the forum are focused on getting answers for the public on the future development of Cedar Rapids.

"We want to hear what ideas candidates have, our new leader has, to keep moving the community forward," Neumann said.

"Public policy effects everybody's life and it effects business lives and the workers who are with those businesses so it's very important to know where these candidates stand on important issues," Moyle said.

While tonight's forum is not open to the public, it will be broadcast on KCRG 9.2 starting at 7 P.M.