Church in Castalia welcoming RAGBRAI riders with pies

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CASTALGIA, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Linda Mundt, and other members from Zion Lutheran Church spent Monday morning making pies for RAGBRAI riders. They hope the sweet treats will cover the cost for the church’s steeple that they had to repair.

Mundt explains, "Some of the edging around the outside was starting to kind of rot away. It was starting to leak and it was going down through the steeple itself and starting to damage some of the siding. Eventually we were going to start to have issues within the church itself."

The church isn't the only ones hoping to reap the benefits of Castalia's first RAGBRAI ride. Organizations like the 4H Club, and the city's volunteer fire department will also be selling items. The city has a Facebook page explaining everything Castalia has to offer when riders visit.

Member of the Zion RAGBRAI Committee Jan Koenig says, "Having RAGBRAI go through a small town like Castalia is very beneficial to us. Not only for the revenue. We may be able to gain from this, but certainly meeting people from all over."

Zion will have pies in five different flavors. They hope to make enough to serve 1,000 people. Mundt says it's a lot of hard work to make homemade pies from scratch, but it's a labor of love for the church.

Mundt says, "It's very special. I guess I've been a member for about 46 years. It's a small church, but we keep it going."