CRCSD sends discussion ideas to McKinley Middle School Parents

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG TV9) -- Keep the channels of communication open, watch for signs of sexual abuse: that's what the Cedar Rapids School District is encouraging parents to do with two of employees are on leave during a sexual abuse investigation.

Superintendent Brad Buck sent out talking strategies to McKinley Middle School parents. It lists warning signs of sexual abuse, and gives examples of how parents can talk to their kids about difficult topics.

This comes after Cedar Rapids Police received an accusation of sexual abuse involving staff at McKinley Middle School.

The District then placed two employees on paid administrative leave. The District has not released the names, or nature of this incident, other than to say it appeared to be a specific situation and that if wrongdoing occurred it was not widespread.

The information the district sent are consistent with one family counselor's opinion. That it's important for parents to remain calm when talking to their children about sexual abuse. Children and teenagers should know that no one else can control their bodies.

"It gets more confusing when they get into preteen and you know there's peer pressure going on. Or there's a situation with an adult where there's a secret to be kept. And there's more guilt and shame and concern about what people think," Counselor Kendall Fate said.

Counselors recommend parents read school newsletters or notes. They say this helps parents keep up with the latest information and what topics are being discussed during school hours.