Beyond The Weather – Labor Day Weekend Views

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- The final weekend of the summer travel season is upon us. Many will be spending time outside with some later summer warmth in place. Whether you are camping or grilling this weekend take some time, when the sky darkens, for some beyond the weather views.

At nightfall take a look at the southern sky. Off the horizon it will be east to spot the waxing gibbous moon. To the lower right of the Moon you see a very bright object which is our favorite ringed planet, Saturn. Keep moving to the right and nearer the horizon to the next bright object. You just located the star Antares, the brightest start in the constellation Scorpius.

A bit later in the evening on Saturday and Sunday again find the southern sky and the moon. Near the constellation Sagittarius and between the two is the dwarf planet Pluto is found. You won’t be able to see Pluto with the unaided eye, but you will know where it is in the sky.

One of my favorite constellations, since it is very prominent in the evening sky during the winter appears in the morning on Sunday. Orion, The Hunter, comes into view in the southeast sky before sunrise.