Beyond The Weather – Clearing Next Week

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9)-- As we catch up on our annual rainfall deficit in many locations across eastern Iowa clouds fill the skies. Of course this means our views of the heavens above are obscured. So this week I will look ahead at beyond the weather views you’ll want to look at as next week begins.

Starting Monday you’ll want to be an early riser for a paring of astronomical objects. An hour before the sunrise look to the east. The waning crescent moon should be easy to find. You also notice a very bright light below the moon, closer to the horizon. This is the planet Venus. Between, and in line with Venus and the Moon, is the planet Mars. On Tuesday morning as this time the Moon and Venus are very close together in the sky.

Wednesday, we take a trip to the evening sky about an hour after sunset. By looking overhead you can find the Summer Triangle of stars, including Deneb, Vega and Altair.

Friday, let’s hope for clear skies with the Orionid Meteor shower reaching peak. This can be seen in the southeast after midnight.

Happy stargazing!