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Some gas stations ration ahead of Hurricane Irma

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HEADLAND, Ala. (WTVY) — The threat of Hurricane Irma to Florida and Georgia is being blamed for gas rationing in the areas possibly affected by Hurricane Irma.

There are a handful of stations limiting how much gasoline a customer can purchase in Headland, Alabama. At one gas station there, people can buy only $20 dollars of gas at a time which means they're limited to no more than eight gallons.

The store is operated by Southeastern Oil. Its owner, Lee Brennan, said the rationing is due to Irma.

He didn't elaborate, but he isn't the only retailer struggling with gasoline supplies.

Several stores in the area have run out in the past couple of days. People said supplies at a nearby Sam's Club were depleted earlier in the week.

All of this is leaving some customers frustrated about supplies and about rationing.

Crystal said, "It is crazy. It is beyond crazy. I have a truck and $20 only gave me 85 miles to E, that’s to Dothan and back and my gas light will be on again."

Frankie Bolton said, "I figure they should give more gas than that because you never know, there might be an emergency and you have to go far, you will need more than $20, definitely how gas is these days."

All of this comes just days after Hurricane Harvey slowed gasoline production in Texas. Not only are supplies low in some places, but in some places, the price per gallon has increased 50 cents since Harvey.

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