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7-year-old bakes cookies for construction workers

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Seven-year-old Joel Stratemeyer has always admired construction workers and wants to be one when he grows up.

Joel and his mother Danielle Stratemeyer, live along North Main Street in Rockford, Illinois near a construction site.

"This is really heartwarming to me to see a little boy that took this much interest in a construction project at such a young age," said the City of Rockford’s Director of Public Works Mark Stockman.

Joel came up with the idea to bake cookies and bring them out to the job site as a way to thank the crew members for the work that they do.

"Just to have somebody appreciate that I’m sure means a lot to them," said Alderman John Beck.

The City of Rockford and William Charles Construction decided to reward Joel’s nice gesture, by giving him a safety vest, safety glasses, a hard hat and a shovel with his name on it, so he can be just like the workers.

"It's hard to say where anybody’s going to end up, but at least he's showing an interest in something at a young age," said Stockman.

They also gave Joel a tour of the work site for his generous act of kindness.

"I think it's something that he will remember for some time," said Beck.

Construction workers aren't known as your typical heroes, but for this little boy, they're a huge inspiration.

"You have a little boy who was just thrilled to death about all the construction going on out here," said Stockman.

Road construction can be frustrating because it limits the number of lanes that are available causing delays.

"Even though people know that we want new roads, they think that it should get done like right now," said Beck.

As for little Joel, he probably wants the construction to last forever.

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