City of Dubuque to connect NW Arterial bike trail to Bergfeld Recreation Area

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DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Dubuque has many trails that people like to use for various activities.

Tammy Kallback, for example, uses the Bergfeld Recreation Area for her fitness group, doing a combination of running, biking and lifting weights.

Kallback says the only thing that would make the Bergfeld Recreation Area better is if it were connected to the city's other existing bike trails.

She said, "It'd be nice if it keeps going because there's a lot of distance runners who do halves and marathons, so they need a little bit more you know consistent, longer mileage, so it's nice to have one path to send them on."

Working on accessibility, the city most recently added a handicap accessible sidewalk that leads to the pond bridge at Bergfeld Recreation Area, which leads to the path around the rest of the pond. Now they hope to connect the North West Arterial bike trail to this sidewalk.

City of Dubuque Leisure Services Manager Marie Ware said, "They're doing survey work and then after the survey work will be engineering, and then after the engineering will be the construction. And we hope to have that happen next year."

The new trail will be built along Chavenelle Road, finally connecting the two areas.

"That's something we're really trying to do as a part of our trail system is make them as accessible as possible for as many people," Ware added.

Ware says the project will cost around $1.4 million, with most of it being paid for by federal and state grants.