Police warn of curb painting scam

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - Cedar Rapids police warn people are trying to scam homeowners into painting house numbers on their curbs.

Police say citizens have reported people going door-to-door offering a service to paint the house number on the curb in front of the home. The scammers claim the curbside address is required by the Fire and Police Departments. That is not true.

Police and Fire Department officials recommend home owners have address numbers on their house that are at least four inches in height and use numbers instead of letters. However, there is no law requiring house numbers on curbs.

"The numbers could be blocked by a parked vehicle or snow in the winter; under these circumstances, the painted address would not be an effective means in which emergency responders could find a location in the City," the city said in a release.

Emergency responders also recommend putting house numbers on mailboxes and turning on outside lights to help them find an address.