KCRG.com Commenting System Change

Beginning soon users will notice a change to our commenting process designed, after listening to user feedback, to improve the quality and relevancy of the conversation on KCRG.com.

Editor's Note: You can replay our chat regarding this change at the bottom of this article.

We aim to provide our community an outlet where users can talk to us and each other in an open and respectable manner. The new process uses the Facebook platform with commenting open to those logged in using a Facebook account. We hope this change will promote healthy debate and motivate our community to make insightful and constructive comments.

We do not take this change lightly. This has come after a months-long process to raise the level of the conversation on KCRG.com. We chose the Facebook platform because it encourages accountability, the community doesn't have to create a new login and because it's a popular social tool that is integrated into everyday life. It's important to note, we will not collect or use Facebook user data without your permission.

We rely on the community members of KCRG.com to help us keep an active, lively, ongoing and relevant conversation that adds meaning and value. Take a few moments to review our discussion guidelines.

We welcome your feedback and encourage you to comment on the new process. We'll be happy to answer your questions as well.

Thank you for your commitment to contributing to a quality discussion on KCRG.com.

-Aaron Hepker, Online Content Editor - KCRG.com

-Jason Kristufek, Online Editor - SourceMedia Group

-Kelly Homewood, Online Product Director - SourceMedia Group

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