KCRG.com Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about KCRG.com?  Please look over the frequently asked questions and answers below, if you cannot find the answer to your specific question, please send us an email.

Q: What is the deal with KCRG.com commenting? I need more information.

A: Glad you asked. Click here for all you need to know about KCRG.com commenting. 


Q: I would like to report an error on KCRG.com.

A: We pride ourselves in keeping KCRG.com up to date and accurate. If you see something that is less than satisfactory on our site, please send us an email, including the URL of the page and what the error is.  If it is a factual error in a story, please provide your phone number so we can call and verify with you.


Q: When I look at KCRG.com, an old version of the website is coming up. What's wrong?

A: Your browser has cached an old version of our site. When you visit a website, most browsers will store some of the information on that site, so that when you visit that website again it doesn't take as long to load.  This makes your web browsing much quicker and easier.  On sites that are frequently updated like KCRG.com, caching can result in out-dated information coming up.  You can clear the information in you browser's cache by following the instructions below. Be warned, this will erase some stored information such as "remember me" passwords.

To clear your cache in Internet Explorer 7:
1. Click Tools > Internet Options
2. Select the General tab
3. Click Delete under Browsing History
4. Under Temporary Internet Files, click Delete Files
5. Click Delete Cookies
6. Click OK


Q: A video I am trying to view will not play.  Please help!

A: Please
send us an email, including as much information as possible. Things like the date, title of the story and URL make it much easier to fix the problem quickly.


Q: I am looking for something that I saw in a KCRG-TV9 on-air newscast.  I do not see it and need help finding the story.


A: If you saw something on air and one of our anchors mentioned that "you can find the link on KCRG.com" it is most likely listed in our News Links section. 


You might be looking for a specific news story. KCRG.com uploads dozens of videos and stories a day, but we do not post each and every story that has run on-air.  Check over the Local News section of our website and look for specific key words in our website's search function.  If you still cannot find it, let us know.  Please provide us with as much information about the story as possible, and please be patient. We are able to provide a link to most video free of charge, but it does take some time to do this.


Q: I am having trouble with Personal Pinpoint FutureCast.
(This includes desktop weather icon).

A: Personal Pinpoint FutureCast is a great feature we offer, allowing our viewers to personalize weather forecasts and to get weather alerts right on their computer desktops. If you are having a problem with this, let us know. Please provide as many details as possible.


Q: I have a comment or complaint about KCRG.com.

A: We welcome constructive criticism. Feedback on stories helps us make KCRG.com the best possible local news source for eastern Iowa.  We are also interested in what you like on KCRG.com. Please send us your comments & criticism.  

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