February 2013 Winner - Amy Conlon


By Donna Anderson

Regis Middle School. My daughter is new to middle school this year. While she has always been a very high achieving student, she, like most students has/had that certain subject that most kids do not like and for her it was the subject of math, upon entering 6th grade. While she has done well from a grading stand point historically, she struggled to obtain the grades she wanted and found that she was working for the grade and not for plans to retain or to enjoy mastering each new level in the area of math. She often spoke of how she was able to obtain the grade she wanted, but "what about kids who don't naturally do well or need extra help" was her concern when it was not taught any different that how she was receiving it. She seemed to become complacent with math just being what it is and something to get through and being satisfied with her good grades. As someone who loved the subject of math, I have always been concerned that she may focus less on the need to improve as her other subjects took priority due to enjoying them more or due to math becoming even more challenging. I feared she would decline in math at some point as she got older due to mostly it being a subject of dislike for her. Mrs. Conlon is an outstanding math teacher! She makes sure that everybody knows how to do the concept. She isn't just a math teacher, she also is an understanding person too. You can talk to her about anything.
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